WordPress Host Review – Pressable

Unusually enough, I was pretty happy with old hosting company – but I had no choice.

Close to a year ago, I finally got some sense and took my websites and client sites off shared hosting and personally managed VPS setups, and put everything in the hands of a fully managed WP host. It was a hard decision at first, with the price increase and “change” involved with the enviroment that I was used to for so many years. I chose Zippykid as my host for their infrastructure and reasonable pricing. Months later, I had added 15+ sites to my account, and have referred a handful of people in the direction of Zippykid.

I loved everything about their service. It had fast load times without any effort, had the ability to have a production and staging site set up, and I could sleep at night knowing everything was backed up and secure. The only issue I started to develop was with the pricing. I had signed up for their business account that included 5 sites…but had quickly exceeded that. With many live sites, clones of sites for testing purposes, and random projects on the account, my monthly bill quickly climbed to 2-4x what I had started at.

After expressing some concern, I had the opportunity to chat with Vid Luther (their CEO) about some interesting things they had going on. He seemed genuine in wanting my feedback on a few points including the pricing. He assured me not to worry, and that soon there would be some changes made.

A month later – in deep anticipation of an “announcement” from ZippyKid, I refresh the site and see that Zippykid is no more.

Introducing Pressable

Pressable, formally known as Zippykid, is still owned and operated by the same people. They weren’t acquired, nor was there a merger with another company. Just a branding overhaul. And I mean overhaul. Its a major change, something that usually isn’t a good idea, but in this case it should work out in the long run for them. The new look is more professional, and matches the enterprise level of service and support that they offer.

In addition to the re-branding, Pressable pushed out a few other significant improvements.

Speed Monitoring & Enhancements

One thing I do love about Zippykid Pressable is their support. Like any WordPress host should (but some don’t), these guys (and gal) know their stuff, and are quick to respond and diagnose issues. Now partnered with New Relic, they have the ability to take a deeper look into performance issues with your site or the server.

They’ve had an ongoing partnership with the Google Page-speed team, and will be rolling out some really amazing things in this area very soon.

Much Improved Pricing Structure

Pressable now boasts the most impressive pricing options out there amongst the other WP hosts.

$25 – 5 sites (15k pageviews/month)
$45 – 10 sites (50k pageviews/month)
$90 – 20 sites (100k pageviews/month)
$180 – 40 sites (200k pageviews/month)
…and so on with this pattern until you break a million pageviews/month.

I am now paying more than half of what I was paying a month ago for all of the sites in my account. My price per site went from $14.00/site to $4.50/site. That makes me happy. It is a remarkable value for what you get.

All plans include at no additional cost:

  • Premium DNS
  • Akismet on every site
  • CDN fron NetDNA
  • SFPT Access
  • Malware scanning & removal
  • Automated off-site nightly backups

The Same Awesomeness As Always

Pressable is the same company that has been kicking ass for over 3 years. Nothing changed but the name…well and the improvements stated above. One thing they did get right from the start is their attention on their actual service and support team. Their focus on building the best solution for developers and publishers is what has got them to where they are today…and where they’ll be tomorrow.

Hosted on a private Rackspace cloud, you’re in pretty good hands. I have external up-time tools monitoring this site and others and see very minimal downtime. The best out of the other hosts I monitor sites on – which is most.

Running NGINX with a built in batcache solution, your site will be lightning fast. No caching plugin or configuration needed. I moved a website to Pressable that was having severe slow load time issues. The homepage alone would take an average of 25s to load. After migrating the site from its old host to Pressable – and before making any optimizations – the site was loading under 4 seconds. After a few tweaks, it was under 2 seconds.

Premium DNS is provided via DYN, and is not cheap to purchase on your own. DYN is the fastest and most reliable DNS provider. You would pay close to – or over $200 a month for a similar DNS service.

Enterprise level firewalls means your site is behind a resilient barrier – a layer of protection that keeps hacks and malware to an absolute minimum.

DNS load balancing to help with traffic fluctuations or to detour attacks. I saw a client site go from 150 visits a day to an average around 7k visits a day after being featured on some major news blogs – and everything worked out well with zero issues.

The ability to add collaborators to a site makes it simple to grant temporary access or allow a team to manage a website. All the sites you own and collaborate on show up for you nicely in your admin panel. Collaborators have their own SFTP access and WP login, so everything is separate and secure.

You can clone a site with the click of a button to have another copy to test something new out, then push changes live. This is really helpful when testing out the compatibility of a new plugin, or making large changes to a live site.

Automated nightly backups sent offsite to Rackspace Cloud Files or Amazon S3. Just set it up and forget about it. Your wp-content folder and SQL database will be zipped and shipped off every day in-case something goes wrong – that’s is a good feeling.

Some managed WordPress hosts charge for malware removal, Pressable certainly does not. They offer free malware scanning and removal by Sucuri. But with those firewalls and nightly backups, you shouldn’t have to worry about this to begin with.

The support team at Pressable is by far the best I’ve had from a host. Ever. They are knowledgeable, responsive, and are friendly even when I ask ridiculous questions or make silly requests. Its like having an extra crew of WordPress experts on my team. Its great.

So I guess in conclusion, I didn’t actually change hosting companies, they changed on me…but for the better.

With the unveiling of Pressable, its clear these guys have big plans for the upcoming years. They have already positioned themselves in a great spot by building out their infrastructure to be superior, now with the new wave of branding – and I anticipate a more aggressive marketing strategy, they will pull themselves to a well deserved top spot in the managed WordPress hosting community.