marcus hiles

I grew up in a small town in New Hampshire. It was always my dream to move to Boston and be a software developer with a big company. After graduating, I took a chance making my dream come true. I spent 12 years working my way up from an intern front-end developer – to leading a team of 8, developing cutting-edge software for a top tech company. Overtime I grew tired of management, and just wanted to code. Thats when I took another chance – quitting my job and starting my own company doing freelance development.

It’s been 5 years on my own, and I couldn’t be enjoying it more. I am able to work on challenging applications and work together with smart people building unique solutions.

Examples of applications I have built:

  • Custom Google Analytics event tracking UI
  • Business Case Tool including PPT output
  • Onboarding applications with complex multi-step forms
  • Automated App Testing Frameworks
  • Dropbox-like Solutions with custom UI
  • WordPress plugins and themes – including support for new Gutenberg Editor